Why I am Running for State Representative

A close friend asked me, why I was running for State Representative after taking a beating in the Flint Mayoral race.  I gave this question significant and thoughtful consideration before we decided that I should run. Here is my response:

The reason I am running, instead of staying in my comfort zone of running a business, is because I am fed up with the partisan arguing from both sides. I am a moderate Republican and know a lot of people (both center right and center left) who, like me, want to see reason and common sense prevail. I believe in being fiscally responsible with our resources and prioritizing our budgets. I have started and/or owned five different businesses from construction to franchise restaurants to technology consulting. I understand tough choices, balancing budgets, making cuts and struggling to provide benefits, all while working endless to have something left over for my family after paying the myriad of taxes/fees that lined up regardless of whether we made a profit (i.e. sales tax, unemployment tax, social security, property tax, business property tax, margins tax, Medicare, worker’s comp, etc.).

Too many people that are making policy decisions that affect our lives, and livelihoods, have no clue what they are talking about. And, now, with most states, and our nation, suffering from staggering structural deficits, it is time for people who have actual experience to step up to carry the torch for a while. I had a mentor who told me once that I had an obligation to give back to the community. His caveat was that I should do it only until I was tired, cynical, or both. Michele and I have given extensively in the nonprofit world, and now it is time to make a difference in our government. If more people like you and me actually engaged and ran instead of typical politicians, we might be able to slowly turn this ship and change the tone and theme of the discussion. Together if we, don’t lose faith; but, do lose the partisanship; find those people, regardless of party, that represent our ideals and promote and encourage them; we can accomplish great feats.


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